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Former (or subsequent) names

ZIPTEL LIMITED03/06/201428/09/2020
SKYWARDS LTD03/09/201303/06/2014

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Computershare Melbourne
Yarra Falls, 452 Johnston Street, Abbotsford VIC 3067
Tel : +61 (0)3 9415 4000 or 1300 850 505 (within Australia)
Fax : +61 3 9473 2500
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Company details

Address: Unit 11 , 331 Ingles Street , PORT MELBOURNE , VIC, AUSTRALIA, 3207
Tel:  (03) 9646 6611Fax: (03) 9646 4676

Date first listed: 15/06/2004

Sector: Retailing Industry Group: XDJ
Activities: Branded consumer products

News & Events

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name changed to Beyond Sportswear International Limited


Class Action - the litigation funded by shareholders of Concept Sports Ltd has settled with payment made to claimants in December 2006 - the terms of the settlement are confidential - 98% of the claimants voted in favour of the settlement - no claimant voted against it (nonetheless the total amount of the settlement and how much of it the lawyers received, should be on the public record) - litigation funder IMF did declare that it received $0.7m on a direct outlay of $0.55m


Class Action - the proceeding is set down for a four-week trial commencing on 20 November 2006


Class Action - the Full Federal Court of Australia today delivered judgment overturning a decision of the primary judge in Cadence Asset Management Pty Ltd v Concept Sports Limited (the original decision held that shareholders who had subscribed for shares offered in a prospectus could not sue the company to recover damages for misleading or deceptive statements in the prospectus unless the shareholders had first renounced their shares) - Cadence Asset Management subscribed for shares in Concept Sports which were offered at an issue price of 50 cents per share through a prospectus dated 18 May 2004 - Cadence then sold those shares in September 2004 to a third party at an average price of 11.5 cents per share - the ruling makes it clear that a subscribing shareholder is entitled to recover damages under 729(1) of the Corporations Act 2001


Class Action - we understand that judge Ray Finkelstein today ruled against a group of Concept Sports shareholders in a class action against the company, ruling that investors who bought their Concept shares from the company in a capital raising did not have the same rights to sue for damages as those who bought on market


shares reinstated to quotation


shares suspended from quotation following failure to lodge half yearly reports and accounts


according to a release by IMF (Australia) Limited, it is funding legal action against the group with a maximum claim value of $4m and it expects the case to be completed by 31 December 2006


shares reinstated to quotation


Class Action - a legal action is commenced today by Maurice Blackburn Cashman (filed by Cadence Asset Management representing several shareholders) alleges the company and its six directors - three of whom have recently quit - of breaching the Corporations Act by making misleading statements in its May prospectus - the parties to the action are seeking unspecified compensation for the money they claim to have lost through investing in the company - they also want damages and declarations from the directors that they acted in contravention of the Corporations Act - the action is mounted by shareholders who acquired an interest in shares in Concept Sports between 25 May 2004 and 18 August 2004


Leon Daphne resigns as Chairman and Director


shares suspended from quotation "pending the clarification of some disclosure issues"


confirms that a payment of Euro 1,180,000 (approximately AUD$2,070,000) will be required on receipt of formal documentation by National Australia Bank Limited in respect of security provided in relation to rights granted by the Athens Olympic Organising Committee - the amount will be paid from funds placed on deposit by the Company with the National Australia Bank



Click here for free access to this company's:
ASX, Legal & CGT Status

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Attention: Mr. F. J. van der Vyver 

Van's Rugby Museum,

P. O. Box 5122,



South Africa.


Mobile: + 27-83 689-0896

The Mananging Director,

Concept Sport,

P. O. Box 1039,

South Melbourne,


Subject: Purchase of 1999 Australian Centernary tie on August 28, 1999.

To whom it may concern,

On August 28, 1999 I place an order an 1999 Australian rugby Centenary tie and a payment of $45.00 was made to. I have never received the tie and a refund was promised to me. Despite several e-mails and endless phone calls to date, I am still waiting for my money as promised. Please give me a call urgently regarding this long outstanding matter. Looking forward to hear from you soon.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. F. J. van der Vyver.           

09/08/2019 02:36:55

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    ASX, Legal & CGT Status

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    Directors & Executives (current)

    Gary MarchManaging Director
    Glen CaseyCEO18/04/2007
    Stephen RoltonDirector
    Jeffrey TaylorGeneral Manager
    Geoff TaylorCompany Secretary

    Date of first appointment, title may have changed.

    SPECIAL NOTE: During May 2024 we are working to remove duplications in the Company Secretary role.

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    Date of first appointment, title may have changed.