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Managed funds starting with Q

This is a current list of Australian managed funds that are either open, suspended or closed. Investors in these funds who have lost touch with their investment, should utilize our unclaimed search facility here:

Managed FundReferenceStatus
Q Diversified Credit Trust PER5413AU Open
Qato Capital Active Australian Share Fund QAT8767AU Suspended
Qato Capital Australian Share Fund QAT4035AU Suspended
Qato Capital Long Short Fund QAT4862AU Suspended
Qato Capital Market Neutral Fund CYA0001AU Suspended
QIC Active Retail Property Fund Group QIC5828AU Open
QIC Australia Core Plus Fund TNY0003AU Closed
QIC Australia Core Plus Fund Group QIC8269AU Open
QIC Australian Fixed Interest Fund QIC0010AU Open
QIC Australian Venture Capital Fund QIC0016AU Closed
QIC Cash Enhanced Fund QIC0001AU Open
QIC Cash Fund QIC0012AU Open
QIC Diversified Australian Equities Fund QIC0014AU Open
QIC Diversified Fixed Interest Fund QIC0009AU Open
QIC Global Credit Opportunities Fund QIC0007AU Closed
QIC Global Infrastructure Fund (Australia) No.1 Trust QIC0022AU Open
QIC Global Infrastructure Fund (Australia) No.2 Trust QIC0023AU Open
QIC Global Infrastructure Fund - Manta Ray Ordinary Class Units QIC8377AU Open
QIC Global Infrastructure Fund - REV AIV Ordinary Class Units QIC3517AU Open
QIC Infrastructure Portfolio No.1 Trust QIC9485AU Open
QIC Infrastructure Portfolio No.2 Trust QIC6547AU Open
QIC International Equities Fund QIC0004AU Open
QIC Long Term Diversified Fund QIC0002AU Open
QIC Property Fund Group QIC5070AU Open
QIC Short Term Income Fund QIC0011AU Open
QIC Short Term Income Fund - Advisor Class QIC2507AU Open
QIC Town Centre Fund Group QIC0829AU Open
QSuper - State Public Sector Super Fund QSU0100AU Open
QSuper Accumulation Account QSU0101AU Open
QSuper Defined Benefit Account QSU0102AU Open
Qualitas Food Infrastructure Fund QFI4220AU Open
Qualitas Food Infrastructure Property Fund QFP8336AU Open
Qualitas Private Income Credit Fund QSP4807AU Open
Qualitas Real Estate Opportunity Fund QSP0002AU Closed
Qualitas Real Estate Private Debt Fund QSP0001AU Closed
Qualitas Senior Debt Feeder I QSF4399AU Open
Qualitas Senior Debt Feeder II QSF3826AU Open
Qualitas Senior Debt Fund QSD4480AU Open
Quantum Mortgage Trust QSM0001AU Suspended
Quantum Residential Property Trust QSM0022AU Suspended
Quantum USA Residential Property Fund QSM0019AU Suspended
Quay Global Real Estate Fund AAA0001AU Open
Quay Global Real Estate Fund (AUD Hedged) BFL3333AU Open
Quay Global Real Estate Fund - Daily Series BFL0020AU Open
Queensland Natural Capital Fund Group QIC1788AU Open
Quest Long Short Australian Equities Fund ETL4748AU Open
Quest X20 Australian Equities Fund ETL7425AU Open
Questus Mortgage Funds Ltd QMF0001AU Suspended
Quilla Wealth Accelerator Portfolio WFS3019AU Open
Quilla Wealth Accumulator Portfolio WFS5303AU Open
QVG Long Short Fund QVL8781AU Open
QVG Opportunities Fund QVG9204AU Open
QWL Euro Fund QWL0001AU Suspended

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I Brandli, Coffs Harbour NSW

…out of all the exchanges that I do research for, your particular web site makes finding information so easy. I wish the rest of the world would follow your footsteps. Reuters

Thank you so much for assisting with this. I contacted the registry today and they did confirm there are …… shares [value: $42,000] in my sister’s name. I have put ......... in contact with them so she can update her address and will thereafter be able to claim the dividends [value: $3764] and sell her shares if she chooses. We really appreciate your help, this money will be of huge assistance to ..... What a fantastic service you provide.