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Former (or subsequent) names

A.C.N. 009 161 522 LIMITED24/08/201722/02/2018
SUBZERO GROUP LIMITED19/04/201324/08/2017
SVC GROUP LIMITED08/09/201119/04/2013
MEDICAL MONITORS LIMITED28/06/200112/09/2007

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Computershare, Level 11, 172 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000

Tel : +61 (0)3 9415 4000 or 1300 850 505 (within Australia)
Fax : +61 3 9473 2500
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Company details

Address: 213 Brisbane Terrace , GOODNA , QLD, AUSTRALIA, 4300
Tel:  07 3818 3008 Fax: 07 3381 9637

Date first listed: 12/03/1987
Company Secretary: Mr Brett Crowley
Sector: Health Care Equipment & Services Industry Group: XHJ
Activities: Real Estate Management & Development

News & Events

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name changed to SVC Group Limited


to develop further the business of the Company, the Board is engaged in drafting an Offer Disclosure Document for the purpose of raising sufficient funds, increasing the Company's scale of activities, and improve the shareholder spread by enabling new and existing shareholders to participate in the offer


releases various Annual Reports to shareholders


company outlines the strategy being pursued to achieving the re capitalisation of the Company and re-quotation of the Company's shares on to the ASX


notice is given that the Annual General Meeting of shareholders of SHELL VILLAGES AND RESORTS LIMITED ACN 009 161 522 ("Company") will be held at The City Tattersall's Club, 198 Pitt Street, Sydney, on Wednesday August 31 st 2011 at 10.00am (Sydney time)


at the Extraordinary General Meeting of the Members of Shell Villages and Resorts Limited held at the offices of the Company, Suite 20, Level 3, 72 Pitt Street, Sydney on Tuesday, 8 February 2011 at 10.00am, all resolutions were carried as ordinary resolutions


the Company will now issue shares to certain creditors in satisfaction of their debts at $0.025 and not at $0.05 as previously disclosed - the arrangement regarding the conversion of the $950,000 Convertible Note has been retracted by the Company pending further negotiations as it fell due on the 31st December 2010.The Company will advise as soon as possible the outcome of negotiations regarding the debt


a director calls an EGM for 8 Feb 2011


SHELL Villages & Resorts Ltd (SVC) advised on 30 April 2010 that it had reached agreement with its major creditors to convert $2,112,413.70 of debt into equity by way of payment of cash $79,500 plus issuing 39,788,221 shares at $0.05. The Company has had to amend its agreement with its major creditors as per the signed Deeds of Release due to the Company not being in a position to apply for relisting on the ASX by 31 December 2010. The delay in applying for relisting has been due to delays in finalising the 2009 and 2010 Audits preparatory to convening an AGM. This has now been rectified and the Company will shortly be in position to hold its AGM estimated to be in February 2011


a notice calling for a meeting of shareholders has been received from a director


resolutions considered at today's meeting were passed


a General Meeting of shareholders of SHELL VILLAGES AND RESORTS LIMITED ACN 009 161 522 ("Company") will be held at the offices of the Company Suite 20, Level 3, 72 Pitt Street, Sydney, on Monday November 15th 2010 at 10.00 a.m.


on 3rd May 2010 Shell Villages & Resorts Ltd (SVC) made an announcement that it had agreed to place 23,125,000 fully paid ordinary shares at $0.016 shares to raise $370,000 from private investors. SVC has not been able to consummate the issue of shares contemplated under this announcement. As a result SVC is retracting the announcement made on the 3rd August 2010. The current issued capital of the Company remains 43,108,368 which is unchanged since the announcement of 3rd May 2010


company has agreed to issue 26,250,000 ordinary shares in the issued capital of the Company to a number of investors under section 708 of the Corporations Act at an issue price of $0.01c to raise $262,500. The shares will be subject to shareholder approval at a forthcoming Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM). The director's intend at the same EGM to seek approval from shareholders to convert $107,500 of converting loans to equity, by issuing 10,750,000 ordinary shares at a price of $0.01 per ordinary share to the lenders


financial statements for the financial year 2009 have now been completed - financial statements for 2010 are being prepared - Once the audit is completed, the 2009 and 2010 Annual Reports will be lodged with the Australian Securities Exchange ("ASX") in order to fulfill compliance with the ASX Listing Rules. The Annual General Meeting will be held soon thereafter - the Company continues to progress with its due diligence on the proposed acquisition of SEA and work with ASX with a view to re-instate the trading of the Company's securities on ASX


SVC advises that the new Board has formally accepted the resignations of Rohan Kerr non executive Director and the former Managing Director Corey Budd. These resignations were accepted after the Company had conducted extensive financial due diligence after the resignations were tabled at the adjourned Board Meeting on 24th April 09. The completion of the due diligence was a condition upon which the Company could appoint replacement Directors


company has agreed to place 23,125,000 new fully paid ordinary shares at $0.016 per share to raise $370,000 from private investors


company announces the execution of Heads of Agreement (HOA) with Sustainable Energy Australasia Limited (SEA), an Australian Public Company, to acquire 100% of its shareholding and 100% owned subsidiary Sustainable Australasia USA LLC (SAU) which houses all of its oil and gas assets in the USA


releases Quarterly Activities Report


the Company has reached agreement with its major creditors to convert $2,112,413.70 of debt into equity by way of payment of cash $79,500 plus the issuing of 39,788,221 shares at $0.05 - this arrangement will be subject to share holder approval at the forthcoming AGM to be convened


quarterly cash flow to December 2009 shows a net operating deficit of $50k for the quarter and cash on hand of $10k


the Directors of Shell Villages and Resorts (SVC), have, over the past few months been reviewing and considering options to take the Company forward. Before this can happen the proper procedures of audit and shareholder meetings must be complied with and we are in the process of finalizing these. The Board has been considering current economic activity, housing market activity, capital and finance availability, and have reviewed a number of possible similar business opportunities to that industry area to which SVC has historically been involved. More recently the Directors have expanded their search to involve other industry areas including Clean Tech, Energy, and Manufacturing. No business has as yet been acquired although we are seriously considering one business


releases Annual Report to shareholders 30 JUNE 2008 correction P10


company advises that it has cancelled 18,931,274 shares to rectify breaches under listing rules 7.1 and 10.11 - the Company has exceeded its capacity to issue equity securities without security holder approver under listing rule 7.1 by 16,757,815 equity securities - furthermore, as shareholder approval was not obtained for the issue of the Shares to the Directors, it appears that the Company has breached listing rule 10.11


SVC confirms that it will be seeking shareholder approval for the sales of Shell Villages and Resorts Cooroy Pty Ltd, and Brisbane River Terraces Villages


advises of the sale of Brisbane River Terraces Village for $7.8m.


advises of the sale of the village known as Shell Villages and Resorts Cooroy P/L for $2.6m.


the company responds to ASX queries dated 5 th February 2009 regarding the Company's Quarterly Report in the form of Appendix 4C for the period ending 31 st December 2008


Yellow Rock Resources Ltd (ASX Code: YRR) has acquired the remaining 20% interest in exploration licence E51/431 from Shell Village and Resorts Limited which was previously called Defiance Mining NL - Exploration licence E51/431 forms part of the Gabanintha Vanadium Project which is situated 43 kilometres south of Meekatharra in Western Australia


at the Annual General Meeting today all resolutions were passed on a show of hands


company says the Notice of Meeting for the Annual General Meeting to be held on the 15th of January 2009 stated that the Annual Report will be included - this is not going to be possible, however the AGM will still proceed as scheduled


releases an Expert Opinion Report which is to be read in conjunction with the Notice of Meeting announced on Wednesday for the Annual General Meeting to be held on the 15 th January 2009


as required by ASX, the Company wishes to inform the shareholders: 1. The Company has exceeded its capacity to issue equity securities without security holder approver under listing rule 7.1 by 16,757,815 equity securities. 2. Ratification by security holders of the issue of the 16,757,815 equity securities will not refresh the Company's capacity to issue securities without security holder approval under listing rule 7.1, as ratification under listing rule 7.4 is only available where the securities are issued without breaching listing rule 7.1.


the Management of Shell Villages and Resorts Limited have called an Extra Ordinary General Meeting to be held on 31 st December 2008 as requested under Section 249D(1) under the Corporations Act - to be held at 9.00 am (EST) on Wednesday 31 st December 2008 at: Shell Villages and Resorts BRT Pty Ltd 213 Brisbane Terrace Goodna Qld 4300 - (under section 249D(1) of the Corporations Act Dr Shell has as a substantial shareholder of the company requested that the company call an extraordinary general meeting of the company, to put to shareholders of the company that Dr Shell himself and his close associate and advisor Mr. David Diamond be appointed to the board of the company and replace Mr. Kerr and Mr. Taylor)


company provides a Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting


company responds to ASX queries regarding late lodgement of Notices


releases Quarterly report for entities admitted on the basis of commitments


Shell Villages and Resorts Limited (ASX:SVC) announces the sale of the Hunter Valley Village ‘Shell Villages and Resorts Hunter Valle", this sale was completed on the 3rd October 2008 - the sale price of $3,750,000 realizes a profit in excess of $650,000 in a timeframe of 16 months


Shell villages and Resorts informs the market that after completing Due Diligence for the Woodend deal, the company has decided not to proceed with the Option for this project


securities suspended from quotation following failure to lodge financial statements for the period to 30 June 2008


the suspension of trading in the securities of Shell Villages and Resorts Limited will be lifted immediately, following payment of annual listing fees, in accordance with listing rule 17.9


suspended from quotation because of failure to pay the annual listing fee


name changed from Medical Monitors Limited

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ASX, Legal & CGT Status

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    ASX, Legal & CGT Status

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    Richard PritchardChairman, Non Exec Director28/04/2010
    Anthony CrimminsDirector01/09/2011

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