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Computershare Melbourne
Yarra Falls, 452 Johnston Street, Abbotsford VIC 3067
Tel : +61 (0)3 9415 4000 or 1300 850 505 (within Australia)
Fax : +61 3 9473 2500
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Company details

ISIN: AU000000NUF3
Address: 103-105 Pipe Road, LAVERTON NORTH, VIC, AUSTRALIA, 3026
Tel:  (03) 9282-1000Fax: (03) 9282-1007

Date first listed: 10/11/1988

Sector: Materials Industry Group: XMJ
Activities: Crop protection company producing products which help farmers protect their crops against damage caused by weeds, pests and disease

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Class Action: The statement of claim for the consolidated proceeding against Nufarm Limited (NUF) was filed in the Federal Court of Australia. The class action consolidates two separate claims previously filed by law firms Maurice Blackburn and Slater & Gordon. The proceeding is brought on behalf of Nufarm shareholders who acquired an interest in Nufarm securities between 28 September 2009 and 31 August 2010 and who suffered loss as a result of the alleged misconduct. As presently constituted, to be eligible to participate, shareholders must have held some or all of the shares acquired in this period until 1 March 2010, 13 July 2010 or 31 August 2010. The consolidated proceeding seeks to recover losses suffered by NUF shareholders as a result of alleged material non-disclosures and misleading conduct relating to Nufarm's glyphosate business. Nufarm's defence to the consolidated statement of claim is due to be filed on 14 October 2011


Class Action: The Federal Court of Australia made orders consolidating the class action brought by Slater & Gordon, Gaby Hadchiti & Ors v Nufarm Ltd with the proceedings filed by Maurice Blackburn, Verbatt Pty Ltd v Nufarm Limited. The Court also made orders for the provision of documents by Nufarm to the applicants as part of the first tranche of the discovery process.


Class Action: A second representative proceeding against Nufarm Limited was filed in the Federal Court of Australia by Slater & Gordon Pty Ltd. These proceedings were also commenced on behalf of shareholders who acquired Nufarm shares, the period for this claim being 2 March 2010 and 31 August 2010. These proceedings were Gaby Hadchiti & Ors v Nufarm Ltd (VID 24 of 2011).


Class Action: A representative proceeding against Nufarm Limited was filed in the Federal Court of Australia by Maurice Blackburn Pty Ltd on behalf of shareholders who acquired Nufarm shares between 2 March 2010 and 31 August 2010. The proceedings are seeking to recover losses suffered by the shareholders as a result of alleged material non-disclosures and misleading conduct relating to Nufarm's glyphosate business. The proceedings are called Verbatt Pty Ltd v Nufarm Limited (NSD 1847 of 2010). The claim alleges that during the claim period, 28 September 2009 to 31 August 2010, Nufarm failed to disclose the true position to the market and was therefore in breach of its continuous disclosure obligations. The claim alleges that various statements made during the claim period were misleading and that the company did not have any reasonable basis to make such representations.


Class Action: ASIC concluded that by 11 February 2010, Nufarm's board of directors had received operational information for the period 1 August 2009 to 31 December 2009 that suggested an operating profit of between $5 - $7 million for 1H2010, representing an 89% fall in profit from the previous corresponding period. However, Nufarm failed to disclose this information to the market until 2 March 2010, when it published its expected 1H2010 results. ASIC considered that from 11 February to 2 March 2010 Nufarm contravened the continuous disclosure provisions in the Corporations Act. As a result of ASIC's investigation, Nufarm agreed to pay a $66,000 fine and gave enforceable undertakings to ASIC which ASIC accepted in resolution and settlement of their investigation into Nufarm's compliance with its continuous disclosure obligations in respect of the company's result for the 1H10 period. The undertakings provided by Nufarm included an agreement to engage Deloitte to review financial reporting processes and Nufarm's policies and procedures relating to continuous disclosure. While Nufarm did not admit to contraventions of s.674(2) and s.674(2A) of the Corporations Act 2001, Nufarm nevertheless acknowledged ‘…that ASIC had reason to be concerned as to the alleged facts'.


Class Action: The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) commences an investigation pursuant to s.13(1) of the Australian Securities and Investment Commission Act 2001 into suspected contraventions by Nufarm Limited and its officers, agents and/or employees of their continuous disclosure obligations pursuant to sections 674(2) and 674(2A) of the Corporations Act 2001.


the suspension of trading in the securities of Nufarm Limited (the "Company") will be lifted immediately, following the announcements released by the Company


securities suspended from quotation pending an announcement


name changed from Fernz Corporation Limited



Click here for free access to this company's:
ASX, Legal & CGT Status

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    Click here for free access to this company's:
    ASX, Legal & CGT Status

    Directors' on-market share transactions (last 5)

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    Purchases Sales

    13/06/2024Alexandra Gartmann10,000$4.770$47,700
    11/06/2024Marie McDonald10,352$4.830$50,000
    20/03/2023Greg Hunt15,112$5.320$80,396
    31/01/2023Alexandra Gartmann8,450$5.930$50,109
    27/05/2022Peter Margin13,764$5.080$69,921

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    Directors & Executives (current)

    John GillamChairman31/07/2020
    Greg HuntManaging Director, CEO05/05/2015
    Paul TownsendCFO01/12/2020
    Adrian PercyIndependent Director19/06/2023
    Lynne SaintIndependent Director18/12/2020
    Federico TripodiIndependent Director19/06/2023
    David JonesIndependent Director23/06/2021
    Alexandra GartmannNon Exec Director23/09/2022
    Marie McDonaldDirector22/03/2017
    Kate HallCompany Secretary

    Date of first appointment, title may have changed.

    Directors & Executives (former)

    Gordon DavisNon Exec Director31/05/201115/11/2023
    Peter MarginNon Exec Director03/10/201115/11/2023
    Toshikazu TakasakiNon Exec Director06/12/201231/05/2022
    Frank FordNon Exec Director10/10/201217/12/2021
    Paul BinfieldCFO04/07/201131/12/2020
    Anne BrennanNon Exec Director10/02/201103/12/2020
    Donald McGauchieChairman, Non Exec Director19/12/200324/09/2020
    Bruce GoodfellowNon Exec Director15/02/199106/12/2018
    Doug RathboneManaging Director, CEO21/08/198706/02/2015
    Garry HounsellNon Exec Director01/10/200408/10/2012
    Robert EdgarNon Exec Director01/07/200927/03/2012
    John StockerNon Exec Director08/10/199801/12/2011
    Doug CurlewisDeputy Chairman, Non Exec Director01/01/200002/12/2010
    Kerry HoggardNon Exec Chairman01/01/198713/07/2010
    Richard WarburtonNon Exec Director01/01/199305/12/2007
    Graeme McGregorNon Exec Director01/01/200031/07/2005
    Dryden SpringNon Exec Director01/01/198111/12/2003

    Date of first appointment, title may have changed.