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Former (or subsequent) names

EMERALD OIL & GAS NL15/06/200615/12/2014
MATRIX OIL NL11/02/200015/06/2006
MAPLE OIL NL11/02/2000

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Date first listed: 22/07/1994

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name changed to Emerald Oil & Gas NL


company advises that all resolutions proposed at today's general meeting including the acquisition of Esmeralda Gas Limited, consolidation of capital (effectively about 1 share for every 150 previously held), change of name etc were approved - the company expects the shares to be reinstated to quotation in two weeks


company advises that despatch of its prospectuses is completed today and the Shareholder Offer will close on 5 May 2006, not 3 May 2006 as previously advised


company advises that its public offer opens today and closes on 18 May - its shareholder offer opens on 18 April and closes on 3 May


company releases a prospectus for a new share offer


management of the company has now been assumed by the new board - a prospectus for the issue of 416.7m shares (at $0.0012 per share) to raise $150,000 is to be lodged with ASIC in the near future


deed of company arrangement is terminated and the deed administrators retire


we understand that on or about this date the company consolidated its shares 1 for 1.96


all resolutions considered at the meeting of shareholders today were passed


capital reorganisation (by consolidating approx every 1.96 shares into 1 shares) becomes effective 6 December 2005


provides notice of a general meeting of shareholders to be held at 10:30am on 15 December 2005 at 48 Ord St West Perth - this to consider a recapitalisation proposal


the administrators inform us that "announcements regarding the above company should be released to the ASX shortly as will notices directly to shareholders"


administrator advises there is nothing more to report (beyond his advice of 28 October 2004) at this point in time


restructuring proposal is no longer proceeding according to the administrator and creditors are now considering a further proposal - administrator warns that if this does not proceed the company may go into liquidation


shareholders meeting today, called for the purpose of considering the recapitalisation of the company among other things, has been adjourned to 27 October 2004


general meeting called for 5 October 2004


company has entered into a deed of company arrangement to recapitalise the company - shareholder and creditors will be notified within the next month or two


deed administrators confirm that various sale agreements pertaining to the contract areas are moving forward and that they are reviewing the possibility of restructuring the company to relist on ASX


deed administrators confirm they are still attending to a number of the matters discussed in the announcement of 18 December 2003 below


administrators are working towards ensuring various sale agreements pertaining to the contract areas settle or close within 2 to 3 months - they will also be considering whether there is any benefit in restructuring the company as opposed to liquidating it


administrators advise they will provide an update to shareholders either later this week or early in the New Year - at that time we will also carry the main points of the update here


the conditions relating to the realisation of the contracts (item of 24 Jun 2003 below) are yet to be satisfied - administrators are unable to provide a time frame for completion


seeking update


deed administrators advise an offer has been received from one party in relation to two Contracts and it has been accepted - it involves certain conditions which are required to be satisfied on or before 31 August 2003


deed administrators confirm legal proceedings against contractor are "on hold" - various parties have undertaken due diligence with regard to investing in the company or in acquiring the assets, but it is too early to say what will transpire from this - there is always the possibility of utilising the corporate shell - it is unlikely any of these matters will be resolved before 30 June 2003


shareholders are unable to claim any capital loss as a liquidator has not been appointed, nor a liquidators declaration issued - creditors claims are substantial and it would come as no surprise if there was no return to shareholders - if the corporate shell is utilised, crystallising the loss for tax purposes is triggered after relisting and by subsequent sale


administrators advise they are continuing their discussions and negotiations with interested parties regarding the possible injection of capital into the Company and/or the acquisition of all or part of the assets of the Company (and its subsidiaries)


at second meeting of creditors a Deed of Company Arrangement accepted granting the company a moratorium on outstanding creditor claims


administrators V Smith and B Hughes of Norgard Clohessy appointed by company's directors because of events detailed below and as current economic conditions make it very difficult to raise funding for offshore oil fields in SE Asia


company's shares suspended from quotation


company receives notice of purported termination of the FPSO contract from the Contractors and advice that all oil production would cease at midnight 15 October 2002 - the Contractors seek substantial termination charges under the FPSO contract


commences legal proceedings in the UK against PT Bawana and Langsa FPL Pte Ltd the Contractors for the supply and management of the "Floating Production Storage and Offload" (FPSO) vessel on site at the Langsa TAC - proceedings are for breach of contract and relate to the alleged negligence of those Contractors when opening the Ll well, resulting in mechanical failure and the subsequent shut down of L1 well


name changed from Maple Oil NL



Click here for free access to this company's:
ASX, Legal & CGT Status

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    Click here for free access to this company's:
    ASX, Legal & CGT Status

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