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Computershare Brisbane
Level 1, 200 Mary Street Brisbane QLD 4000
Tel : +61 (0)3 9415 4000 or 1300 850 505 (within Australia)
Fax : +61 7 3229 9860
RegistryWebsite RegistryEmail

Company details

ISIN: AU000000BUG6
Address: Level 26, One Bligh Street Sydney NSW 2000
Tel:  1800 067 686Fax: (07) 5446 7520

Date first listed: 14/12/1989
Company Secretary: Deane Conway
Sector: Food Beverage & Tobacco Industry Group:  Beverage & Tobacco
Activities: Processing and marketing of ginger and macadamia products

News & Events

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The company releases a notification of cessation of securities.


The company releases an updated notification of buyback.


The company announces the results of its off-market share buyback. The company received all valid applications from shareholders to buy back a total of 34,212,230 shares, which exceeds the buyback limit. The company has scaled back applications having regard to the pro-rata shareholding of participating shareholders, and prioritising applications in a manner that avoids creating unmarketable parcels of shares.


The company releases a notification of cessation of securities.


The Company has completed the minimum holding buy-back. A total of 2,203,184 shares were bought back under the Buy-Back for a total consideration of $92,534. 1,010 shareholders participated in the the Buy-Back, representing approximately 94.1% of shareholders eligible to participate in the Buy-Back. Following completion of the Buy-Back, HPP will have 120,617,554 shares on issue, held by 339 shareholders. Shareholders whose shares were bought back under the Buy-Back will have their proceeds remitted to the bank account they have registered with the share registry on or around Wednesday, 3 April 2024. If no bank account is registered, proceeds will be paid by cheque mailed to the address registered with the share registry on the same date.


Health and Plant Protein Group Limited updates shareholders as follows in relation to its application to the US Internal Revenue Service for assessment of the US withholding taxes payable on the sale of its macadamia division in April 2023. At completion of the sale in April 2023, approximately US$3.9 million of the purchase price was deposited in escrow pending the assessment by the IRS of the US withholding tax payable by HPP. The IRS has advised HPP that its application for a withholding certificate cannot be processed, so the escrowed funds must be transferred to the IRS and HPP must file a US income tax return. HPP has instructed the escrow agent to transfer the funds to the IRS in accordance with the notice and has requested the Buyer to consent to the release of the funds as required by the notice. HPP intends to file its US income tax return and expects to receive a tax refund net of any US withholding tax. HPP does not expect any material change to the amount of its liability for US withholding tax. However, the IRS process will further delay receipt of the balance of sale proceeds and its proposed return to shareholders. The length of the delay is uncertain, but it could take up to a further 6 months.


The company releases its Half-year report - Results summary.


The company lodges its Half Yearly Report and Accounts.


The company releases a Share Buy-back Booklet.


The company releases a notification of buy-back.


Health and Plant Protein Group Limited is pleased to announce an off-market, share buy-back of up to 7,142,857 shares for A$0.042 per share. HPP has decided to undertake the Buy-Back to return a portion of the net proceeds from the disposal of its macadamia division which are presently available to HPP and provide eligible shareholders with the opportunity to realise part or all of their investments in HPP, noting that HPP's securities are suspended from trading on ASX. he Buy-Back is open to shareholders who are recorded in HPP's share register as at 7.00pm (Sydney time) on Thursday, 29 February 2024 and are not excluded foreign shareholders. Participation in the Buy-Back is voluntary. The Buy-Back will open on Tuesday, 5 March 2024 and close on Friday, 5 April 2024 (unless extended).


The Company ntends to undertake a minimum holding buy-back, to buy back unmarketable parcels of shares in HPP at a price of A$0.042 per share, being the last closing price of HPP's shares prior to its suspension on 28 August 2023. Under the ASX Listing Rules, any shareholding valued at less than A$500 is considered to be an 'unmarketable parcel' of shares. Based on the Buy-Back Price, an Unmarketable Parcel of shares in HPP is any shareholding of 11,904 shares or less.


The company lodges its Quarterly Activities/Appendix 4C Cash Flow Report.


The company releases an Appendix 3G.


The options for Mr Albert Tse and Mr Hugh Robertson as approved at the Company's AGM on 28 November 2023 have been issued.


The company releases the results of its meeting.


The company releases its Executive Chair's Address to Shareholders.


The company releases its AGM 2023 Presentation.


The company lodges its Quarterly Activities/Appendix 4C Cash Flow Report.


The company's Annual General Meeting will be held virtually at 11.00am (Brisbane time) on Tuesday, 28 November 2023.


The company's AGM will be held virtually at 11.00am (Brisbane time) on Tuesday, 28 November 2023. The AGM materials, including logins for the virtual event, will be produced and distributed to shareholders in due course. The closing date for director nominations is Tuesday, 17 October 2023. Nominations must be received in writing at the company's registered office before 5.00pm (Brisbane time) on the closing date and must include the written consent of the person nominated.


The company releases its Appendix 4G and Corporate Governance Statement FY23.


The company lodges its Appendix 4E and Annual Report FY23.


The securities of Health and Plant Protein Group Limited will be suspended from quotation at the close of trading today, 28 August 2023 under Listing Rule 17.3. ASX has determined that HPP's operations are not adequate to warrant the continued quotation of its securities and therefore it is not in compliance with Listing Rule 12.1. The suspension will continue until HPP is able to demonstrate compliance with Listing Rule 12.1.


name changed from Buderim Group Limited



Click here for free access to this company's:
ASX, Legal & CGT Status

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    Click here for free access to this company's:
    ASX, Legal & CGT Status

    Directors' on-market share transactions (last 5)

    rss feeds

    Purchases Sales

    19/09/2019Guy Cowan21,536$0.220$4,738
    16/09/2019Guy Cowan22,149$0.215$4,762
    12/09/2019Guy Cowan2,536$0.180$456
    05/03/2019Dennis Lin4,000$0.280$1,120
    05/03/2019Guy Cowan34,381$0.280$9,627

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    Directors & Executives (current)

    Albert TseExecutive Chairman15/02/2017
    Hugh RobertsonIndependent Director19/07/2022
    Christina ChenNon Exec Director28/07/2017

    Date of first appointment, title may have changed.

    Directors & Executives (former)

    Peter O'KeeffeNon Exec Director31/10/201428/02/2023
    Andrew BondNon Exec Director31/01/201411/11/2022
    Dennis LinExecutive Chairman03/11/201719/07/2022
    Nicki AndersonChairman17/05/202105/08/2021
    Guy CowanNon Exec Chairman28/02/201817/05/2021
    Steve MorrowNon Exec Chairman26/02/201028/02/2018
    Roger MastersCEO18/03/201315/09/2017
    Yigang YangNon Exec Director15/02/201715/09/2017
    Shane TempletonNon Exec Director21/02/200215/02/2017
    Lewis TimmsNon Exec Director30/01/201528/08/2016
    Margaret WalkerNon Exec Director22/10/201228/10/2015
    George VasiliNon Exec Director01/07/201131/10/2014
    Karon RogersCFO15/11/199531/01/2014
    Murray RichardsonCEO30/04/201208/01/2013
    Stephen MaitlandDirector26/02/200230/09/2012
    Ron O'GradyCEO01/10/201027/04/2012
    Gerard O'BrienCEO05/03/200113/09/2010
    John RoyNon Exec Director28/02/200517/07/2010
    John RuscoeNon Exec Chairman21/02/200202/05/2010
    Doris CrerarNon Exec Director21/02/200228/02/2005
    David GrahamNon Exec Chairman30/01/200121/02/2002
    Rodney CormieDeputy Chairman01/01/199821/02/2002
    Anthony EveringhamNon Exec Director01/01/198321/02/2002
    John SpencerNon Exec Director08/03/199621/02/2002
    JO CainNon Exec Director01/02/199527/04/2001

    Date of first appointment, title may have changed.