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Automic Registry Services LEVEL 2, 267 St Georges Terrace,, PERTH, WA, AUSTRALIA, 6000

Tel : +61 (2) 8072 1400 or 1300 288 664 (within Australia)
Fax :
RegistryWebsite RegistryEmail

Company details

ISIN: AU000000GCR0
Address: Suite 304 66 Berry Street North Sydney NSW 2060
Tel:  (02) 9472 3500 Fax: (02) 9482 8488

Date first listed: 27/03/1996
Company Secretary: Carolyn Jacobs
Sector: Materials Industry Group: XMJ
Activities: Gold and base metals explorer with a primary focus on the Copper Hill Project in central NSW

News & Events

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The company lodges its Annual Report to shareholders.


The company releases its Corporate Governance Statement.


The company releases an Appendix 4G.


The company has engaged Martin Place Securities as lead manager to progress a proposed series of capital raisings. Proceeds will be used to improve the balance sheet and fund the company's working capital needs, and planning of technical programs on its resources project portfolio.


The company lodges its Full Year Statutory Accounts.


Shareholders in this company should consider crystallising a capital loss in 2020/21 by selling their worthless shares, which they can achieve online by entering transaction details here. While this usually makes good economic sense, we recommend you seek professional advice before buying or selling securities, your accountant is probably the best person.


The company releases an Appendix 5B Correction.


The company lodges its Quarterly and Cashflow Report.


ASX issued GCR with a letter dated 14 July 2020 in relation to a breach of Listing Rule 10.11, as shareholder approval had not been sought prior to the issue of the convertible notes. The Company has applied a holding lock to the convertible notes and agreed to remove all conversion rights from the notes. The notes will therefore become unsecured loans. Amended Appendix 3Ys will be lodged in due course.


The company issues a Response to Appendix 3Y Query.


The company releases an updated notice of Proposed issue of Securities - GCR, with an update on 7D.2.


The Coppervale Field Base is an integral part of the Copper Hill Project, facilitating core and sample storage and processing, site office facilities, ad hoc accommodation for field personnel, and is the main access route to the Copper Hill Project. Formal documentation of funding arrangements for divestment of the holding company has been completed, consisting of loan funds to Vision Vale Holdings transfer of shares in VVH and subscription for convertible notes with a total face value of $130,000 to cover acquisition costs and additional working capital. Golden Cross Resources has leased back the Coppervale property from VVH.


The company releases a notice of Proposed issue of Securities - GCR.


The company lodges its Quarterly and Cash flow Report.


The company lodges its Half Year Accounts.


The company has completed the acquisition of the Coppervale property by its wholly owned subsidiary, Vision Vale Holdings Pty Ltd, following receipt of further funding.


The company issues a response to ASX Appendix 5B Query.


The company lodges its Quarterly and Cash Flow Report.


The company issues a response to Appendix 3X Query.


The company issues a response to an Appendix 5B Query.


The company releases the results of its meeting


The company lodges its Quarterly Activity and Cash Flow Report.


The company lodges its Annual Report to shareholders.


The company's 2019 AGM will be held at 304/66 Berry Street, North Sydney, NSW 2060 at 2.00 pm on Wednesday 27 November 2019.


The company lodges its Full Year Statutory Accounts.


The company releases its Appendix 4G.


The company releases its Corporate Governance Statement.


The company received commitments for the $1.3m minimum subscription at 7.5cps with a free attached 1:1 call option at 10cps with 12 months expiry. The IPW acquisition will further evolve the GO2 business as a national, vertically integrated labour hire and training business. Company reaffirms that The GO2 People stand-alone generated its first EBITDA positive month in July 2019. The company's focus is integration of the two businesses, capitalizing on the cross promotional synergies.


The company lodges its Preliminary Final Report.


Since the Chairman's resignation, the company has received expressions of interest in filling the vacant roles. The company is actively reviewing potential candidates to secure appointments that will satisfy ASX requirements. HQ Mining Resources, the company's major shareholder, has provided formal commitment to provide interim funding to support the ongoing operations of Golden Cross, and has continued to do so. A further $60K has been received in the past week.


The securities of Golden Cross Resources Ltd will be suspended from quotation immediately, at the request of GCR under Listing Rule 17.2, pending GCR's appointment of sufficient directors to comply with section 201A(2) of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth).


The securities of Golden Cross Resources Limited (the "Company") will be reinstated to official quotation immediately today, Wednesday 23 September 2015, in accordance with listing rule 17.7 following lodgement of an announcement in relation to a capital raising. Security Code: GCR


Golden Cross Resources Ltd has put on hold a fully funded capital raising proposal with good commercial terms for the Pre-Feasibility Study on the Copper Hill Project due to the calling of an extraordinary general meeting. The company is also pleased to announce that it has today received an R&D refund in excess of $530,00 from the Australian Tax Office and concluded interim financing arrangements with its major shareholder HQ Mining.


The company is still in the process of finalising the terms of the proposed capital raising and now anticipates that it will be in a position to make a material announcement with respect to the proposed capital raising by commencement of trading on 23 September 2015.


A general meeting of Golden Cross Resources Limited will be held at 2pm on 22 October 2015 at History House, 133 Macquarie Street, Sydney, NSW 2000.


The securities of Golden Cross Resources Limited (Company) will be suspended from quotation immediately, at the request of the Company in accordance with Listing Rule 17.2. Security Code: GCR


we understand that on or about this date the company consolidated its shares 1 for 20


name changed from Golden Cross Resources NL


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    Directors' on-market share transactions (last 5)

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    Purchases Sales

    02/12/2015Ian Buchhorn23,941$0.075$1,797
    10/04/2015Ian Buchhorn300,000$0.072$21,742
    13/03/2015Ian Buchhorn71,235$0.056$3,989
    26/02/2015Ian Buchhorn1,500$0.065$97
    24/02/2015Ian Buchhorn47,946$0.068$3,239

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    Directors & Executives (current)

    Jordan LiNon Exec Chairman, Independent Director15/01/2020
    Bret FerrisCEO05/04/2017
    Simon LennonCFO, General Counsel13/10/2008
    Suzanne QiuNon Exec Director13/01/2009
    Yan LiNon Exec Director13/03/2020
    Ian BuchhornDirector03/03/2014

    Date of first appointment, title may have changed.

    Directors & Executives (former)

    Xiaoming LiNon Exec Director13/01/200913/03/2020
    Ken HellstenChairman22/07/201614/08/2019
    Neil FearisNon Exec Director22/10/201521/01/2019
    Robert ThomsonNon Exec Director22/10/201529/11/2017
    Mark SykesNon Exec Director22/10/201502/08/2016
    Jingmin QianNon Exec Chairman29/11/201016/12/2015
    Ken HellstenCEO17/12/201423/11/2015
    Kim Stanton-CookManaging Director, CEO01/03/200617/12/2014
    Stephen GemellChairman, Director07/06/201214/10/2014
    David TimmsNon Exec Director15/02/199415/11/2012
    Christopher TorreyChairman, Non Exec Director01/07/200301/03/2012

    Date of first appointment, title may have changed.