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Former (or subsequent) names

ENTELLECT LIMITED18/03/201112/06/2015
MXL LIMITED17/05/200014/07/2008

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Boardroom Pty Ltd
Level 8, 210 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000
Tel : +61 2 9290 9600 or 1300 737 760
Fax : +61 2 9279 0664 or 1300 653 459
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Company details

Address: Level 3, 1 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
Tel:  +61 3 9665 0403Fax: +61 3 9650 5571

Date first listed: 24/06/1987

Sector: Software & Services Industry Group: XIJ
Activities: Development and sale of educational software through educational institutions.

News & Events

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name changed to Entellect Limited


the Company's issued shares have been consolidated on a 1 for 20 basis - the company confirms that despatch of the new post consolidation holding statements will occur tomorrow on 16 March 2011 - shareholders who are concerned that they may now be holding unmarketable parcels are advised that the Company is currently preparing to conduct a pro rata rights issue which will afford all shareholders the opportunity to increase their holdings accordingly


all the motions considered at today's AGM were carried unanimously as ordinary resolutions on a show of hands


releases Half Yearly Report and Accounts


the last date that shareholders can transfer shares on a preconsolidation basis is Tuesday 8 March 2011


the 2010 annual general meeting of Entellect Solutions will be held at the offices of HWL Ebsworth Lawyers, at Level 26, 530 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000 at 11.00 am (Melbourne time) on 28 February 2011 - among other things is a proposal for a consolidation of every twenty shares or options on issue at 11.00 am (Melbourne time) on 28 February 2011 into one ordinary share or option


Entellect Solutions Ltd (ESN or the Company) announce that Knowledge Nation Inc. ("KNI") - a US incorporated and San Francisco based educational games and learning initiator - will become a subsidiary of the Company under the terms of the recently announced collaboration with Mooter Media Limited (Mooter) and Hot Shot Media Ltd (Hot Shot)


the directors of Mooter Media Ltd (ASX: MMZ), Entellect Solutions Ltd (ASX; ESN) and Hot Shot Media Ltd (HSM SG) advise that they have entered into a Heads of Agreement in relation to the establishment of a new operating joint venture. The new venture has been purposely established to be the control entity for the exclusive development, marketing and implementation of the co-participants joint strategy for their unique suite of interactive educational games, learning initiatives and educational derivatives. The entity will acquire, hold and own the rights, knowledge, IP and know-how to all interactive, online and console games relating to education and learning currently held by any of the co-venturers


releases Annual Report to shareholders


Mooter Media Limited issues a prospectus for a proposal to transfer ESN Shares to Shareholders by way of in specie distribution, being the subject of the Return of Capital Resolution in the Notice of Meeting


Mooter releases its plans for Entellect


Mooter Media closes Entellect Solutions bid with 70.08%


company advises that it is in the process of completing its Annual Report for 2010 and expects to be in a position to hold its 2010 AGM in January 2011 - The Directors will also propose a consolidation of the capital of the Company on the basis of every twenty (20) fully paid ordinary shares in the capital of the Company being consolidated into one - further advises that upon the successful completion of the Mooter Media Limited (ASX:MMZ) take-over bid and the share consolidation, it is anticipated that the Directors will undertake a capital raising to satisfy ASX Listing Rules for re-quotation of the Company's shares and to provide working capital to the Company


Mooter Media has 60.52% of Entellect Solutions


Mooter Media has 51.75% of Entellect Solutions


the offer period under the takeover bid by Mooter Media Limited has been extended so that it is now scheduled to close at 7.00pm (Sydney time) on 30 November 2010


MMZ declares that the Offer had become unconditional


Mooter Media Ltd (MMZ) acquired 14,835,300 Entellect Solutions Ltd (ESN) shares on September 27, 2010, via acceptances for its 2 MMZ shares and 2 options for every 40 ESN shares takeover offer, increasing from 216,681,191 shares (12.42%) to 231,516,500 shares (13.27%)


Furneaux Equity Limited ("Furneaux") has provided the Company with a 180 day loan facility of $300,000 pursuant to a loan facility agreement which has been entered into by ESN and Furneaux


MMZ 2nd Supplementary ESN Bidder`s Statement lodged


Mooter Media Limited is offering two MMZ Shares, one $0.015 MMZ Option and one $0.05 MMZ Option for every 40 ESN Shares - the Offer is dated 18 October 2010 and will expire at 7.00pm (Sydney time) on 19 November 2010, unless extended


Mooter and its legal advisors strongly disagree with the Determination from ASIC in relation to an alleged contravention of continuous disclosure obligations under section 674(2) of the Act - Mooter intends to have the matter reviewed by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal


ASIC has blocked Mooter Media from acquiring Entellect Solutions Ltd shares after the regulator determined that Mooter breached its disclosure obligations. ASIC found that in the previous 12 months the company had contravened its continuous disclosure obligations. ASIC's restriction on the deal will apply until October 5, 2011. Mooter has requested a trading halt to consider the determination, which it received last night. Trading will resume on Monday October 11, 2010 or on an earlier announcement


Mooter Media directors Peter Jermyn and Paul Fullwood in the bidder's statement say the company believes it can play a lead role in reactivating Entellect by helping it to develop new products, restructure its funding and seek reinstatement to quotation on the Australian Securities Exchange (Mooter Media Limited is offering two MMZ Shares, one $0.015 MMZ Option and one $0.05 MMZ Option for every 40 ESN Shares)


Entellect Solutions Limited ("ESN" or "the Company") advises that it has determined not to proceed with the proposed takeover bid for 100% of the fully paid ordinary shares in the capital of Yilgarn Infrastructure Limited ("Yilgarn"), pursuant to an agreement between the Company and Yilgarn, which was entered into on 12 August 2010


Mooter Media advises of its intention to acquire 100% of the issued shares in educational software solutions provider Entellect Solutions Limited (ESN), subject to a minimum acceptance level of 50.1%. The acquisition will be effected by way of an off-market scrip takeover offer to all ESN shareholders - For every 40 shares in ESN held, ESN shareholder will receive: ???? 2 (two) fully paid ordinary MMZ shares, plus ???? 1 (one) option to acquire a fully paid ordinary MMZ share at $0.015, at any time up to 30 June 2012, plus ???? 1 (one) option to acquire a fully paid ordinary MMZ share at $0.05, at any time up to 30 June 2012


company has entered a conditional binding agreement with Yilgarn Infrastructure Ltd to make a takeover offer for Yilgarn and to undertake related capital raising transactions. Under the pre-bid agreement, Yilgarn directors will unanimously recommend the offer to Yilgarn shareholders, in the absence of a superior proposal. Entellect notes the pre-bid agreement was executed prior to and without foreknowledge of the proposed takeover offer by Mooter Media Ltd - under the offer, ESN proposes to issue 36 shares in ESN in return for each share in Yilgarn such that after completion of the offer and capital raising transactions contemplated under the pre-bid agreement, existing ESN shareholders will hold 25pc of the total issued shares in the capital of the company and ESN will own 100pc of Yilgarn


Mooter Media Ltd launches a scrip takeover offer of Entellect Solutions Ltd offering 2 shares plus 1 option with a 1.5c exercise price and 1 option with an exercise price of 5c, both exercisable by June 30, 2012, for every 40 shares in Entellect. Mooter Media chairman Peter Jermyn said Entellect Solutions, in the educational solutions industry, is currently suspended, and in Mooter Media's view tackling the business in an unproductive way


the company's wholly owned subsidiary MXL Consolidated Pty Ltd has entered into a Deed of Company Arrangement


we understand that on or about this date the company consolidated its shares 1 for 58.159


the securities of Entellect Solutions Limited (the "Company") will be suspended from quotation immediately, at the request of the Company, following the Company's announcement that it's wholly owned subsidiary MXL Consolidated Pty Ltd has been placed into Voluntary Administration


securities reinstated


the securities of Entellect Solutions Limited (the "Company") will be suspended from quotation immediately pursuant to listing rule 17.3 and paragraph 44 of Guidance Note 12 - Change to Activities, following the Company announcing an agreement with CSG Education Pty Ltd and The Administrative Assistants Limited to acquire certain assets (the "Acquisition")


name changed from MXL Limited



Click here for free access to this company's:
ASX, Legal & CGT Status

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    Click here for free access to this company's:
    ASX, Legal & CGT Status

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    Directors & Executives (current)

    Andrew PlymptonNon Exec Chairman26/08/2010
    James KellettCEO26/08/2010
    Jeffery BennettNon Exec Director19/03/2008
    Sophie KarzisCompany Secretary

    Date of first appointment, title may have changed.

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