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Computershare Investor Services, Level 11 172 St Georges Terrace Perth WA 6000

Tel : +61 (0)3 9415 4000 or 1300 850 505 (within Australia)
Fax : +61 7 3229 9860
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Company details

Address: Level 3 - Energy House 18-20 Cavenagh Street Darwin Northern Territory 0800
Tel:  +61 8 8924 3500 Fax: +61 8 89243506

Date first listed: 19/11/1980
Company Secretary: Shanelle English
Sector: Energy Industry Group: XEJ
Activities: Exporting uranium oxide to fuel nuclear electricity utilities in Asia, Europe and North America

The suspension of trading in the deferred line of securities of Energy Resources of Australia Limited will be lifted immediately, as indicated by the timetable announced in the company's announcement dated 20 January 2020 in relation to the renounceable entitlement offer announced on 15 November 2019.


The deferred line of securities of Energy Resources of Australia Limited (ASX Code: ERAN) will be suspended from quotation immediately, in accordance with Listing Rule 17.3, following the company's announcement dated 4 December 2019 in relation to the renounceable entitlement offer announced on 15 November 2019. The company's ordinary shares are not affected by the suspension.


listed entity carried for record purposes only


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Hi - I am trying to chase up Lost monies or shares or policies - I really don't know what I am chasing - all I can say is that my brother recently deceased and we have found amongst his paperwork a cheque from Energy Resources of Australia dated back to 30/11/87 cheque number 013832 which has never been banked - made out to himself (Ian Patrick Yxelman) and Noel Ernest Pilley.


We are trying to track down anything on my brother.


My name is: Deborrah McClelland and I can be contacted on:


20/09/2013 11:31:41

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    Andrea SuttonNon Exec Director23/09/2013
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    Chris MaitlandInvestor Relations
    Dave SkinnerInvestor Relations
    Thomas WilcoxCompany Secretary, General Counsel26/11/2013

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    Sinead KaufmanNon Exec Director29/11/201719/06/2018
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    Peter McMahonNon Exec Chairman, Independent Director20/11/201220/06/2015
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    Dave SmithNon Exec Director31/03/201520/06/2015
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    John PeglerIndependent Director30/07/200931/03/2015
    Helen NewellNon Exec Director20/11/201211/06/2014
    Steeve ThibeaultCFO, Company Secretary01/07/200930/05/2014
    Robert O'TooleCompany Secretary, General Counsel01/07/201026/11/2013
    Rob AtkinsonCEO, Director17/09/200823/09/2013
    David KlingnerChairman21/07/200408/02/2013
    Matthew CoulterDirector15/06/201020/11/2012
    Christopher SalisburyNon Exec Director15/06/2010
    Dick CarterNon Exec Director18/11/199921/04/2010
    Charles LeneganNon Exec Director21/07/200513/01/2008
    Andrew LloydNon Exec Director18/10/200122/12/2006
    Harry Kenyon-SlaneyCEO01/12/2006
    Preston ChiaroNon Exec Director21/10/200312/09/2006
    Stephen MannNon Exec Director30/01/200314/10/2005
    Hideki ToyomatsuNon Exec Director14/10/2005
    Ron MatthewsAlternate Director05/03/200114/10/2005
    Brian HorwoodChairman17/05/200128/01/2005
    Brian HickmanNon Exec Director31/08/199725/10/2004
    Robert ClearyCEO15/07/199929/01/2004
    Andrew KiteAlternate Director23/07/200326/11/2003
    Gregory BoyceNon Exec Director29/11/200002/09/2003
    Barry CusackNon Exec Director15/08/200001/09/2003
    Andrew HardingAlternate Director24/07/200223/07/2003
    Wataru KinugawaNon Exec Director19/07/200118/06/2003
    Mochito MoriAlternate Director18/06/2003
    Tsuneharu TakedaAlternate Director18/06/2003
    Atsuhiko YonekawaAlternate Director18/06/2003
    Koh TsuzukuAlternate Director18/06/2003
    Jean-Luc NarcyAlternate Director16/03/200101/01/2003
    James MarlattNon Exec Director01/03/2001
    Jeff HughesCompany Secretary18/04/2000

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