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Link Market Services,Level 21, 10 Eagle Street Brisbane QLD 4000

Tel : +61 7 3320 2200 or 1300 554 474
Fax : +61 2 9287 0303
RegistryWebsite RegistryEmail

Company details

ISIN: AU000000AAC9
Address: Level 1, 299 Coronation Drive, MILTON, QLD, AUSTRALIA, 4064
Tel:  (07) 3368 4400 Fax: (07) 3368 4401

Date first listed: 10/08/2001
Company Secretary: Mr Bruce Bennett, Ms Angela Webb
Sector: Food Beverage & Tobacco Industry Group: 
Activities: Provider of beef and agricultural products.

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the suspension of trading in the securities of Australian Agricultural Company Limited (the "Company") will be lifted immediately, in accordance with listing rule 17.7, following the release by the Company of an update on the acquisition of Tipperary


the securities of Australian Agricultural Company Limited (the "Company") will be suspended from quotation immediately at the request of the Company and in accordance with listing rule 17.2, pending the release of an announcement by the Company


the Australian Agricultural Company was a wholly owned subsidiary of Futuris Corporation Limited (after Futuris took over Elders in 1997) - it raised capital via a public offering and was admitted to the official list of the ASX on 10 August 2001 trading as AAC

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Click here for free access to this company's:
ASX, Legal & CGT Status

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    Click here for free access to this company's:
    ASX, Legal & CGT Status

    Directors' on-market share transactions (last 5)

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    Purchases Sales

    24/05/2021Jessica Rudd32,258$1.240$40,000
    25/05/2018Hugh Killen83,000$1.203$99,814
    21/11/2017Neil Reisman10,000$1.310$13,100
    28/09/2017Neil Reisman10,000$1.580$15,800
    28/08/2017Anthony Abraham10,000$1.575$15,750

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    Directors & Executives (current)

    Donald McGauchieChairman, Independent Director19/05/2010
    Hugh KillenManaging Director, CEO20/12/2017
    Nigel SimonszCFO01/08/2018
    Anthony AbrahamNon Exec Director08/09/2014
    Neil ReismanNon Exec Director10/05/2016
    Marc BlazerNon Exec Director31/07/2019
    Jessica RuddNon Exec Director15/11/2017
    Tom KeeneDirector05/10/2011
    Shehan DissanayakeDirector27/04/2012
    Stuart BlackDirector05/10/2011
    Bruce BennettGeneral Counsel01/11/2006

    Date of first appointment, title may have changed.

    Directors & Executives (former)

    David CrombieNon Exec Director05/10/201130/07/2019
    Jason StrongManaging Director, CEO24/01/201411/08/2017
    Adil AllanaDirector16/05/201323/02/2015
    Craig WhiteCFO15/04/201311/07/2014
    Mohd EmirDirector10/04/201301/07/2014
    Denys MunangAlternate Director13/03/201201/07/2014
    Troy SetterCOO03/03/2014
    Arunas PaliulisDirector12/06/200921/08/2013
    David FarleyManaging Director, CEO01/12/200931/07/2013
    Irfan AllanaAlternate Director22/11/201016/05/2013
    Sabri AhmadDirector22/11/201015/03/2013
    Philip BealeCFO25/01/2013
    Christopher RobertsIndependent Director12/06/200905/10/2011
    Nick Burton TaylorNon Exec Director01/04/200105/10/2011
    Abdul AliasDirector13/04/201026/01/2011
    Peter HughesDirector28/04/200919/05/2010
    Ashley ConnExecutive Chairman13/04/2010
    Stephen LonieExecutive Chairman28/04/200913/04/2010
    Stephen TomsCEO12/08/200810/08/2009
    Phillip ToyneNon Exec Director21/05/200812/06/2009
    Brett HeadingDirector, Chairman17/06/200812/06/2009
    Chris BrightDirector, Chairman30/10/200317/05/2009
    Peter ZachertAlternate Director16/12/200415/10/2008
    Leslie WozniczkaNon Exec Director29/10/200414/10/2008
    Tim FischerNon Exec Director26/10/200121/05/2008
    Greg ParamorNon Exec Director20/06/200721/05/2008
    Donald MackayCEO01/09/199922/01/2008
    David HillsNon Exec Director06/02/199731/07/2004
    Peter Holmes a CourtNon Exec Director20/03/200130/06/2004

    Date of first appointment, title may have changed.