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Directors' Transactions

See notes below for why you should follow directors transactions

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Latest director's on-market sharePurchases

ADAIRS LIMITED (ADH) Trent Peterson 18 Apr 19 90,000 $1.735 $156,150
WAM CAPITAL LIMITED (WAM) Geoffrey Wilson 17 Apr 19 93,581 $1.946 $182,106
BLACKMORES LIMITED (BKL) Christine Holman 17 Apr 19 1,500 $89.189 $133,783
DJERRIWARRH INVESTMENTS LIMITED (DJW) John Paterson 16 Apr 19 50,000 $3.144 $157,175
CHARTER HALL LONG WALE REIT (CLW) Peeyush Gupta 16 Apr 19 30,014 $4.580 $137,464
ARDENT LEISURE GROUP LIMITED (ALG) Gary Weiss 15 Apr 19 1,864,397 $1.180 $2,199,988
BLACKWALL PROPERTY TRUST (BWR) Seph Glew 15 Apr 19 119,186 $0.981 $116,860
ENERGY ACTION LIMITED (EAX) Murray Bleach 12 Apr 19 627,984 $0.299 $187,530
OTTO ENERGY LIMITED (OEL) Kevin Small 12 Apr 19 2,325,378 $0.056 $129,989
CAPRICORN METALS LTD (CMM) Tim Kestell 12 Apr 19 7,687,458 $0.082 $628,450
PACIFIC SMILES GROUP LIMITED (PSQ) Ben Gisz 11 Apr 19 3,017,140 $1.150 $3,469,711
ARDENT LEISURE GROUP LIMITED (ALG) David Haslingden 11 Apr 19 171,673 $1.170 $200,857
RMA GLOBAL LIMITED (RMY) David Williams 10 Apr 19 2,307,045 $0.180 $415,268
MCMILLAN SHAKESPEARE LIMITED (MMS) Helen Kurincic 10 Apr 19 11,000 $12.106 $133,161
MCMILLAN SHAKESPEARE LIMITED (MMS) Tim Poole 10 Apr 19 11,000 $12.046 $132,506
AMCIL LIMITED (AMH) Michael Hirst 10 Apr 19 345,000 $0.848 $292,715
L1 LONG SHORT FUND LIMITED (LSF) Mark Landau 09 Apr 19 275,949 $1.454 $401,119
OTTO ENERGY LIMITED (OEL) Kevin Small 08 Apr 19 5,674,622 $0.055 $310,969
ARDENT LEISURE GROUP LIMITED (ALG) Brad Richmond 08 Apr 19 261,550 $1.150 $300,783
ADAIRS LIMITED (ADH) Michael Butler 05 Apr 19 75,000 $1.644 $123,323

Directors' on-market share transactions


Our website shows:

   the last 20 transactions reported through ASX (as above). Very small transactions are ignored.

   the last five on-market share dealings by directors on a company-by-company basis. (find these by searching on the company)


Directors buying - what does it mean?

A director buying is probably a better indicator of a potential rise in value than a sale is of a potential fall in value. It is hard to imagine a director buying a significant parcel of shares on-market in the knowledge that they may lose value. Rather, they think the stock is undervalued and they expect it to go up. The bigger the purchase, the better the indication, and more so if it adds to an already large holding.


Directors selling - not so critical

A sale should not necessarily be cause for alarm as there are any number of good reasons for a director to sell. They may wish to diversify their holdings, buy their spouse a car, pay off a mortgage or purchase a home.

Having said that, we are wary when an individual director, or a number of directors, are selling down over a period of time. That may be an indication of a potential fall in value. Sales by directors where key executives are departing the company are another thing to watch for. We also often see a greater number of director sales when a stock looks expensive.


How to respond to the buying and selling

On balance it is preferable to see a director buying rather than selling shares on-market.

But there is no hard evidence (to our knowledge) that suggests you should blindly follow directors' share transactions. Watch for patterns. Look at the circumstances. Does the stock look cheap and may that be the reason for a buy. Conversely are directors selling a bit more often when a stock appears to be expensive?

We carry these transactions for the purpose of serving as a guide to buying or selling your own shares. But remember there are other very significant indicators such as a good record of earnings, solid balance sheet, company prospects, competent management etc, etc.


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