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Latest director's on-market sharePurchases and Sales

KINGSLAND GLOBAL LTD (KLO)Shann Aixuan08 Aug 1727,500 $0.141
KINGSLAND GLOBAL LTD (KLO)Sok Chaw08 Aug 1727,500 $0.141
XANADU MINES LTD (XAM)Hannah Badenach07 Aug 17244,000 $0.205$50,020
GREATCELL SOLAR LIMITED (GSL)Richard Caldwell07 Aug 17412,062 $0.187$76,891
EXCELSIOR GOLD LIMITED (EXG)Jonathan West07 Aug 1750,000 $0.048$2,402
ANTIPODES GLOBAL INVESTMENT COMPANY LTD (APL)Chris Cuffe05 Aug 17125,000 -$1.196$149,516
DUKETON MINING LIMITED (DKM)Seamus Cornelius04 Aug 17200,000 $0.109$21,720
NAVITAS LIMITED (NVT)Tracey Horton04 Aug 175,000 $4.280$21,400
INDAGO ENERGY LIMITED (INK)Ray Shorrocks04 Aug 1730,256 $0.072$2,189
IMMURON LIMITED (IMC)Peter Anastasiou04 Aug 1760,834 $0.200$12,167
ANSON RESOURCES LIMITED (ASN)Bruce Richardson03 Aug 1773,451 $0.012$891
EUROPEAN LITHIUM LIMITED (EUR)Antony Sage03 Aug 17100,000 $0.044$4,400
ALS LIMITED (ALQ)Mel Bridges03 Aug 172,684 $7.410$19,888
IMMURON LIMITED (IMC)Peter Anastasiou03 Aug 17239,166 $0.200$47,711
ALLEGIANCE COAL LIMITED (AHQ)Mark Gray03 Aug 1750,000 $0.036$1,800
BURU ENERGY LIMITED (BRU)Robert Willes03 Aug 17110,000 $0.180$19,800
UUV AQUABOTIX LTD (UUV)Peter James03 Aug 1780,000 $0.120$9,583
FE LIMITED (FEL)Antony Sage03 Aug 17240,000 $0.027$6,480
MONTEZUMA MINING COMPANY LTD (MZM)Seamus Cornelius03 Aug 1714,745 $0.158$2,322
EXCELSIOR GOLD LIMITED (EXG)Rowan Johnston02 Aug 17300,000 $0.041$12,330


OZFX Transferring Money Internationally to Free
Ozforex is now OFX

Thank you for the wonderful service you provide through your website. I've had the pleasure of selling a parcel of shares: easy, efficient, and very cost-effective. And I especially like the super-easy way your site allows me to chase up companies' various name changes, and so remain up-to-date.
I Brandli, Coffs Harbour NSW

…out of all the exchanges that I do research for, your particular web site makes finding information so easy. I wish the rest of the world would follow your footsteps. Reuters

Thank you so much for assisting with this. I contacted the registry today and they did confirm there are …… shares [value: $42,000] in my sister’s name. I have put ......... in contact with them so she can update her address and will thereafter be able to claim the dividends [value: $3764] and sell her shares if she chooses. We really appreciate your help, this money will be of huge assistance to ..... What a fantastic service you provide.