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Computershare, Level 2, 45 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000
Tel : +61 8 9323 2000 or 1300 557 010
Fax : +61 8 9323 2033
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Company details

Address: Level 2, 1292 Hay Street, WEST PERTH, WA, AUSTRALIA, 6005
Tel:  (08) 9322 7431 Fax: (08) 9322 5800

Date first listed: 27/12/2006
Company Secretary: Ms Leanne Stevens
Sector: Materials Industry Group: 
Activities: Base metals exploration and development in Queensland and Western Australia

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The suspension of trading in the securities of Liontown Resources Limited (the "Company") will be lifted immediately following the release of an announcement regarding a capital raising. Security Code: LTR LTRO19/05/2014
provides an update in relation to the Ibaga Copper-Zinc Project in Tanzania16/05/2014
2 Liontown Resources Limited (ASX: LTR) (the Company) requests all its listed securities remain in voluntary suspension, pending an announcement on the progress of due diligence matters in relation to the Ibaga Project. The Company requests an extension until commencement of trading on Tuesday 20 May 2014. 06/05/2014
The securities of Liontown Resources Limited (the "Company") will be suspended from quotation immediately, at the request of the Company, pending release of an announcement. Security Code: LTR LTRO 30/04/2014
listed entity carried for record purposes only27/12/2006

ASX Announcements (courtesy of ASX)

Date Price
Headline Pages PDF PDF
Date Price
Headline Pages PDF Edited
19/12/2014   Change of Director's Interest Notice 3 PDF -
18/12/2014 asterix Liontown completes acquisition of the Jubilee Reef Project 13 PDF -
05/12/2014   Small Shareholding Sale Facility 8 PDF -
27/11/2014   Change of Director's Interest Notice 2 PDF -
27/11/2014   Change of Director's Interest Notice 3 PDF -
27/11/2014   Change of Director's Interest Notice 3 PDF -
26/11/2014   Appendix 3B 12 PDF -
26/11/2014   Results of Meeting 2 PDF -
26/11/2014   Chairman's Address to Shareholders 2 PDF -
26/11/2014   2014 AGM Presentation 19 PDF -
24/11/2014 asterix Withdrawal from Ibaga Copper-Zinc Project in Tanzania 5 PDF -
04/11/2014   Receipt of funds following settlement of Liontown deposit 1 PDF -
17/10/2014   Annual Report to shareholders 86 PDF -
17/10/2014 asterix Quarterly Activities Report and Quarterly Cashflow Report 12 PDF -
16/10/2014   Notice of General Meeting/Proxy Form 17 PDF -
15/10/2014   Resignation of Joint Company Secretary 1 PDF -
26/09/2014   Proposed Issue of Shares in Lieu of Directors Fees 1 PDF -

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Directors' share transactions (last 5)

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Purchases Sales

18/12/2014Timothy GoyderOn market1,000,000 $0.006$6,088
17/01/2014David RichardsOn market500,000 $0.010$5,088
17/01/2014Timothy GoyderOn market1,896,333 $0.005$9,128
12/12/2013Timothy GoyderOn market13,333 $0.009$120
29/11/2013Timothy GoyderOn market1,125,000 $0.011$12,557

Directors & Executives (current)

Timothy GoyderChairman02/02/2006
David RichardsManaging Director, CEO01/05/2010
Richard HackerCFO01/08/2008
Anthony CiprianoNon Exec Director01/07/2014
Craig WilliamsNon Exec Director14/11/2006

Directors & Executives (former)

Anthony KiernanNon Exec Director02/02/200611/11/2013
Doug JonesDirector04/09/200718/01/2013