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Listed on ASX ( $0.350    0.000    0.00%)

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Computershare Yarra Falls, 452 Johnston Street, Abbotsford VIC 3067
Tel : +61 3 9415 4000 or 1300 850 505
Fax : +61 3 9473 2500
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Company details

Address: 12 Rachael Close, SILVERWATER NSW 2128
Tel:  (02) 9584 7680 Fax: (02) 9648 5887

Date first listed: 10/04/2012
Company Secretary: Virginia Lee
Sector: Commercial & Professional Services Industry Group: 
Activities: Asia-Pacific business services and communications solutions company, distributing published content to customers across multiple specialist divisions

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listed entity carried for record purposes only10/04/2012

ASX Announcements (courtesy of ASX)

Date Price
Headline Pages PDF PDF
Date Price
Headline Pages PDF Edited
13/11/2014   Appointment of Company Secretary 1 PDF -
05/11/2014   Notice of Change of interests of substantial holder 2 PDF -
05/11/2014   Notice of change of interests of substantial holder 4 PDF -
04/11/2014   Becoming a substantial holder 3 PDF -
03/11/2014 asterix Share Purchase Plan Offer 13 PDF -
03/11/2014   Appendix 3Y - Celarc 3 PDF -
03/11/2014   Placement Cleansing Notice 1 PDF -
31/10/2014   Appendix 3B - Option 12 PDF -
31/10/2014   Appendix 3B - Ord 12 PDF -
31/10/2014   Appendix 3Y -Celarc 3 PDF -
31/10/2014   Appendix 3Y -Mackarell 2 PDF -
31/10/2014   Completion of Share Consolidation 1 PDF -
24/10/2014   Resignation of Company Officers / Appendix 3Z x 3 7 PDF -
24/10/2014   Notice of General Meeting/Proxy Form 109 PDF -
24/10/2014   Initial Director's Interest Notice 2 PDF -
24/10/2014   Results of Meeting 2 PDF -
24/10/2014   Chairman's Address to Shareholders 1 PDF -
25/09/2014   Annual Financial Report 82 PDF -
23/09/2014   Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting/Proxy Form 71 PDF -
04/09/2014 asterix Equity Recapitalisation and Capital Raising 4 PDF -
02/09/2014 asterix Trading Halt 2 PDF -
29/08/2014 asterix FY14 Full Year Results Announcement 30 PDF -

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who is accountable for the share price plumeting from the original listing price? The CEO? Why does the Chairman praise the CEO for poor performance?28/02/2014 10:48:00
find it strange that Opus Group lend $1.375 million at 8.5% to the CEO Cliff Brigstocke with first year interest free. Now they are asking to borrow money at minimum 15% from a director and investment group?27/03/2013 08:08:29

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Directors' share transactions (last 5)

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Purchases Sales

18/10/2012James SclaterOn market250$0.490$123
17/09/2012James SclaterOn market16,730$0.510$8,532
30/05/2012Bret JacksonOn market547,817$1.480$810,769
30/05/2012Bret JacksonOn market550,817$1.475$812,289
25/05/2012Bret JacksonOn market87,055$0.703$61,238

Directors & Executives (current)

William MackarellChairman
Cliff BrigstockeCEO
Phil BarterCFO28/04/2014
Richard CelarcDirector

Directors & Executives (former)

James SclaterDirector24/10/2014
Simon RowellDirector24/10/2014
Bret JacksonDirector24/10/2014
Rachel TersCFO17/03/201428/04/2014
Bob AlexanderCFO17/03/2014
Matthew McGrathDirector31/07/2013