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Former Name ASX

Former (or subsequent) names

LWP TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED01/06/201531/01/2019

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Computershare, Level 11, 172 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000

Tel : +61 (0)3 9415 4000 or 1300 850 505 (within Australia)
Fax : +61 3 9473 2500
RegistryWebsite RegistryEmail

Company details

Address: Suite 29, Level 54, 111 Eagle Street Brisbane QLD 4000
Tel:  +61 7 3122 2233 Fax: +61 7 3012 6699

Date first listed: 31/08/2006
Company Secretary: David Clark
Sector: Energy Industry Group: XEJ
Activities: Coretrack is an oil and gas technology company with two core businesses being the development of a unique technology for the manufacture of ceramic proppants for use in the Hydraulic Fracturing market under an agreement to acquire proppant developer, Ecopropp Pty Ltd; and the development of the Core Level Recorder System under a license to Specialised Oilfield Services Pty Ltd
name changed to Tillegrah Limited31/01/2019
The company releases a notification of consolidation. Shareholders get 1 share for every 2 presently owned.09/01/2019
The company will hold its 2018 AGM at the offices of BDO, Level 10, 12 Creek Street, BRISBANE QLD 4000 on Tuesday 15 January, 2019 commencing at 10:00 am Brisbane time (AEST). 13/12/2018
The company and Traprock Mining Limited have withdrawn from the Heads of Agreement announced to the market in September 2018. The two Companies came to a mutual agreement after taking into account the current global market volatility and the ongoing weakness in the Mining Sector. The draft notice of meeting of the company's AGM has now been lodged with the ASX. The meeting is scheduled to be held in Brisbane on Tuesday 15 January 2019. 04/12/2018
On 22 October 2018, ASIC granted the company an extension of time to hold the company's AGM to 15 January 2019.02/11/2018
The company lodges an Appendix 4C - quarterly.31/10/2018
The company releases its Corporate Governance Statement.27/09/2018
The company releases an Appendix 4G.27/09/2018
The company releases an announcement in relation to the proposed acquistion of Traprock Mining Limited. Traprock is a Queensland focused unlisted resources company. Traprock owns a portfolio of advanced copper and gold projects including the Mt Chalmers and Warroo historic mines. Traprock has an experienced management team with a track record of exploration and development success. This will be an all scrip acquisition including an initial tranche of 75 million fully paid ordinary shares. There will be additional performance rights that convert to ordinary shares on achievement of milestones up to 1 million oz Resource JORC equivalent. The transaction is subject to regulatory and shareholder aprovals including re-compliance with the ASX Listing Rules including raising $4.5 million in new capital.19/09/2018
The company lodges its Annual Report to shareholders.31/08/2018
The company lodges its Preliminary Final Report.31/08/2018
Following a scheduled ASX internal system change affecting the Market Announcements Platform, it has been necessary to re-apply the "˜Suspend' session state. This announcement serves to re-confirm the securities of this entity remain suspended. 06/08/2018
The company lodges its Quarterly Activities Report.01/08/2018
The company lodges its Quarterly Cashflow Report.01/08/2018
The company releases the list of its Top 20 securityholders post consolidation.06/07/2018
The company has completed the consolidation of its ordinary share capital by converting every seventy (70) existing fully paid ordinary shares (shares) into one (1) share. The Consolidation was approved by shareholders at the Annual General Meeting of the Company held on 28 June 2018. 06/07/2018
The company releases the Chairman's Address to Shareholders.29/06/2018
The company releases the results of its meeting.29/06/2018
The company releases a notification of consolidation. Shareholders get 1 share for every 70 presently owned.27/06/2018
Rebates have now been received by the company for claims made by Ecopropp.A further claim for a portion of Financial Year 2015 and 2016 by LWP, following the acquisition of Ecopropp Pty Ltd, has been now been determined by the Queensland office of AusIndustry as failing to meet the necessary criteria supporting additional steps towards commercialization. Two claims for an Export Market Development Grant were previously granted to Coretrack Limited, prior to the name change to LWP Technologies Limited in 2015. Therefore, until the Company has adequate export earnings, the Company is ineligible for further grants under this scheme. Research and Development conducted by the Company and applications lodged with the United States Patent Office resulted in the successful granting of U.S. Patent No. 9,587,170 for "Proppant Material Incorporating Fly Ash and Method of Manufacture", which was issued in 2017. 23/05/2018
The company releases its Corporate Governance Statement.14/05/2018
The company releases its Corporate Governance Plan.14/05/2018
The company's 2017 AGM will be held at the offices of BDO, Level 10, 12 Creek Street, BRISBANE QLD 4000 on Thursday 28 June, 2018 commencing at 10:00 am Brisbane time (AEST). 11/05/2018
The company lodges its Quarterly Review and Corporate Update.01/05/2018
The company lodges its Appendix 4C - quarterly.01/05/2018
The company issues a response to ASX query.28/03/2018
The company has entered into a heads of agreement with the Australian Tax Office for the settlement of R&D offset amounts claimed for the financial years 2014 and part of 2015 for expenditure by Ecopropp Pty Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of LWP. A separate claim for LWP for the balance of the financial year ended 2015 is still to be determined. The Company will now proceed with the lodgment of the 2016 and 2017 R&D offset for qualifying expenditure. Separately, the Company has now lodged applications for Export Market Development Grants for qualifying overseas activities and expenditure during the 2016 and 2017 financial years.01/03/2018
The company lodges its Appendix 4D and Interim Financial Report.01/03/2018
The company lodges its Quarterly Cashflow Report.31/01/2018
The company lodges its Quarterly Activities Report.31/01/2018
The company relodges its Preliminary Final Report and Annual Report because certain parts of the Audit Report contained in the PDF files were illegible.13/12/2017
The company lodges its Annual Report 2017.11/12/2017
The company lodges its Preliminary Final Report 2017.11/12/2017
The company has reached a settlement agreement with VVV Technologies Pty Ltd in relation to a Costs Order in the Supreme Court of Queensland matter 810 of 2017. After negotiations, an amount of $95,000 has been paid as full and final settlement.01/12/2017
The company lodges its Appendix 4C - September Quarter.03/11/2017
The company releases its Quarterly Review and Company Update. The update details board and management changes; court proceedings in relation to Graphenera JV which results in costs against LWP; update on R&D claims - meeting with ATO scheduled on 12 December 2017; revised completion date of 30 November 2017 for independent corporate governance review and end of year audit; Hallmark and LWP terminate business arrangements; law firm Dentons appointed to conduct legal review; and and cash balance is $469,000 - listed equity portfolio $187,659.03/11/2017
The board has resolved to appoint law firm, Dentons, to undertake an independent legal review of aspects of the business and investment activities of the company.17/10/2017
At the meeting between Hallmark Minerals and LWP on 6 October 2017, both companies have mutually agreed to exit the proposed joint venture with effect as at 1 July 2017 and each party releases the other from any further obligation to each other.17/10/2017
The company issues a response to ASX query.11/09/2017
The company provides a corporate governance review and end of year audit update.05/09/2017
The company provides an update on the R&D tax rebate. The Company has been advised by its tax advisors, BDO, that the ATO have rejected the Company's claim for the financial year ended June 2015. The Company has 60 days from the date of rejection to object to the ATO position. The Company is currently considering the merits of this course of action. The Company has been advised by its tax advisors that the ATO have proposed to amend Ecopropp's claim in relation to the 2014 year resulting in a potential rebate of $69,992 and the potential rebate in relation to the 2015 year of $59,134. Also, the Company currently has approximately $480,000 in cash and a share portfolio with a value of approximately $560,000. 14/08/2017
The securities of LWP Technologies Limited will be suspended from quotation immediately, at the request of the Company, pending the release of an announcement regarding the completion of an internal review of available cash resources and ongoing expenditure requirements. 14/08/2017
The suspension of trading in the securities of LWP Technologies Limited will be lifted immediately, following receipt of the Company's response to an ASX query. 21/02/2017
The company issues a response to the ASX query letter.21/02/2017
The securities of LWP Technologies Limited will be suspended from quotation immediately, under listing rule 17.3, pending the receipt of a satisfactory response to queries raised by ASX Limited under listing rule 18.7.20/02/2017
The suspension of trading in the securities of LWP Technologies Limited (the "Company") will be lifted immediately following the release by the Company of an announcement regarding breaches of the ASX listing rules and amended Appendix 3Ys. 07/04/2016
The company releases a statement regarding ASX query.07/04/2016
The securities of LWP Technologies Limited (the "Company") will be suspended from official quotation immediately, pursuant to listing rule 17.3, pending ASX determining and the Company taking corrective action in respect of breaches of listing rule 10.11, non-disclosure of changes in directors' interests in the Company's securities, and Appendix 4C quarterly cashflow reporting. 04/04/2016
name changed from Coretrack Limited 01/06/2015

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    24/02/2017Declan McCaffrey-788,510 $0.001$789
    03/02/2017Siegfried Konig-23,212,026 $0.100$2,321,203
    24/06/2016Siegfried Konig4,450,000 $0.005$22,250
    06/05/2016Sean Corbin-30,612,567 $0.003$91,838
    18/02/2016Siegfried Konig5,000,000 $0.004$20,000

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    Directors & Executives (current)

    Daniel LanskeyNon Exec Chairman24/07/2017
    David W ClarkCFO26/09/2017
    Andrew SparkeNon Exec Director20/12/2017
    David ClarkNon Exec Director28/06/2018

    Date of first appointment, title may have changed.

    Directors & Executives (former)

    David HensonNon Exec Director18/08/201428/06/2018
    Declan McCaffreyNon Exec Director26/08/201609/05/2018
    Siegfried KonigExecutive Chairman18/08/201424/07/2017
    Sean CorbinNon Exec Director29/05/201521/11/2016
    Ross HendenDirector06/03/201522/09/2015
    Eugene LoyIndependent Director06/03/201526/05/2015
    Winton WilleseeChairman04/10/201006/03/2015
    Trevor BeazleyNon Exec Director12/08/200906/03/2015
    Bernie KellyNon Exec Director, CEO29/08/201106/03/2015
    Matt BirneyChairman, Independent Director27/08/201018/08/2014

    Date of first appointment, title may have changed.