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Suspended from ASX ( $0.034    +0.000    +0.000%)


Former (or subsequent) names

LIBERTY RESOURCES NL04/07/200721/01/2008

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Computershare, Level 2, 45 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000

Tel : +61 8 9323 2000 or 1300 557 010
Fax : +61 8 9323 2033
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Company details

Address: Unit B2, 431 Roberts Road, SUBIACO, WA, AUSTRALIA, 6008
Tel:  08 9287 4488 Fax: 08 9388 8862

Date first listed: 10/02/2004
Company Secretary: Catherine Anderson
Sector: Materials Industry Group: 
Activities: Mineral Exploration
At the Extraordinary General Meeting held on 22 May 2015 to approve the acquisition of Cirrus and related matters, approval was given to the change of the Company's name to "Cirrus Networks Holdings Limited". As part of the proposed re-admission of the Company to ASX, attached is the Company's Securities Trading Policy under the Company's new name.25/06/2015
At the 2012 Annual General Meeting of the Company, Shareholders approved the renewal of the Company's DESOP. The full terms of the DESOP have been amended to refer to the new name of the Company.24/06/2015
The company advises that the mining interests of the Company as described in the relevant Notice of the Meeting and held through wholly owned subsidiary Urea Corp of Australia Pty Ltd, will be relinquished. The required procedure has been implemented.24/06/2015
The Company has successfully raised the maximum $5 million through its recent prospectus and received bids significantly in excess of this amount.09/06/2015
The company advises the results of today's Extraordinary General Meeting. All Resolutions were passed on a show of hands other than the resolution relating to the sale of Urea Corp of Australia Pty Ltd ("Urea Corp") and Boab Energy Pty Ltd ("Boab"). As a result, the Company will now be working towards completion of its acquisition of Cirrus Networks Pty Ltd, with a change of name to Cirrus Networks Holdings Ltd (new ASX Code:CNW), 1 for 2 share consolidation, capital raising and re-listing on ASX. 22/05/2015
is pleased to announce that Shareholders have today voted overwhelmingly for a change in the business' main operations, its Board and the Company's name. Meeting in Perth, Liberty shareholders fully endorsed an option to purchase 100% of the issued capital of renowned Western Australian Information Technology ("IT") provider, Cirrus Networks Pty Ltd, a transaction first mooted in October last year. 22/05/2015
securities reinstated to quotation25/09/2008
securities suspended from quotation following an announcement of a proposed acquisition24/09/2008
name changed from Liberty Resources NL21/01/2008

ASX Announcements (courtesy of ASX)

Date Price
Headline Pages PDF
Date Price
Headline Pages PDF Edited
25/06/2015   Securities Trading Policy - Amended cover letter 7 PDF -
25/06/2015   Securities Trading Policy 7 PDF -
24/06/2015   Directors' and Employees' Share Option Plan 8 PDF -
24/06/2015   Disposal of Mining Interests 1 PDF -
12/06/2015   Change of Share Registry Address 1 PDF -
09/06/2015   Prospectus Offer Closed Oversubscribed 2 PDF -
22/05/2015   Chairman's Statement re EGM and Cirrus 2 PDF -
22/05/2015   Results of EGM - Cirrus Acquisition to Proceed 1 PDF -
21/05/2015 asterix Suspension from Official Quotation 1 PDF -
19/05/2015   Application Form - amended postal address 2 PDF -
15/05/2015   Cirrus Presentation with covering letter 28 PDF -
15/05/2015   Prospectus Application Form 2 PDF -
15/05/2015 asterix Prospectus - Compliance re-list re Cirrus Networks 78 PDF -
14/05/2015   Cirrus Investor Presentation 26 PDF -
28/04/2015 asterix March 2015 Quarterly Activities Report 13 PDF -
28/04/2015   Cirrus - Record 3rd Quarter Revenue 2 PDF -
22/04/2015   Waivers Granted by ASX in Relation to Cirrus Acquisition 3 PDF -
22/04/2015   Proxy Form 2 PDF -
22/04/2015   Independent Expert's Report to Accompany Notice of Meeting 51 PDF -
22/04/2015   Notice of Meeting - Cirrus Acquisition 71 PDF -
21/04/2015 asterix Fair & Reasonable Conclusion for Proposed Cirrus Acquisition 1 PDF -
02/04/2015   Appendix 3B - Expiration of Options 8 PDF -
31/03/2015 asterix Conditonal Agreements - Sale of Remaining Mining Assets 2 PDF -
30/03/2015 asterix LBY Cirrus Networks Secures $4.6M in Contracts MarQ15 2 PDF -

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    Directors' on-market share transactions (last 5)

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    Purchases Sales

    03/02/2015Andrew HaythorpeOn market1,000,000 $0.017$17,000
    09/01/2014Horst HuenikenOn market2,998,946 $0.055$164,642
    22/05/2012Horst HuenikenOn market1,000,000 $0.111$111,096
    16/05/2012Horst HuenikenOn market365,681 $0.112$40,913
    20/09/2011Andrew HaythorpeOn market1,000,000 $0.060$60,000

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    Directors & Executives (current)

    Ian SmithNon Exec Chairman10/07/2013
    Andrew HaythorpeManaging Director25/08/2008
    Justyn PetersCEO19/03/2012
    Steve McRaeCFO
    Horst HuenikenNon Exec Director10/04/2012
    James BeckeNon Exec Director11/11/2008
    Patrick GlovacDirector21/08/2014
    Charles ThomasDirector20/06/2014

    Directors & Executives (former)

    Michael FryNon Exec Director19/07/200510/04/2012